Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental treatment provided to improve a person’s appearance by correcting the teeth. We provide a wide range of Cosmetic dentistry options

Cavity Therapy

From time to time we see young kids with numerous cavities at Somans Dental, where Dr. Soman and his staff specialize in the treatment and prevention of childhood tooth decay.

Dental Implants

Lost tooth can be replaced using dental implants. Dental implantology is an advanced treatment technique in which titanium metal is made similar to the roots of tooth which is placed into the jaw bones through a minor surgical procedure.


The idea reveals a blend of dental treatments with an exclusive travel package to Kerala, ''The Gods Own Country''.
A new era of Dental Care. Replace missing teeth with the look, feel and function of natural teeth.


  • Dr. Soman works fast! I hate dental visits and that's why it is so important for me to make these visits as short as possible :) Thank you Dr. Soman for your quick hands and accurate work!

    - Mary Vickers

  • I had a very wonderful experience here at somans dental clinic. All procedures were quick and I really like the quality treatment i got from here.

    - Srinivas

  • "Everyone at Somans Dental is so nice and really friendly. They remember who you are from visit to visit and make you feel really relaxed and comfortable.

    - Anu


JANUARY 12. 2014
New Dental Technologies
Air abrasion is a procedure used to remove small areas of decay or to prepare a tooth for the placement of restorations or sealants
May 11. 2014
High Quality Laser Treatments
Lasers can be a good alternative to the traditional drill, as anesthetic is not needed as often. Lasers are more precise and can reduce symptoms and healing times associated with traditional therapies
May 10. 2014
Latest Xray Techniques
Digital radiography allows dentists to detect decay, bone loss and help with root canals. To take a digital X-ray, dentists will place a sensor on the tooth that looks like a piece of film.